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The successful project management services offered by HEATS concentrate on the three prime facets of time, cost and quality and providing a coherent structure for managing them.

The principles underpinning the successful delivery of projects on time and within the agreed cost and quality include:

1.  Providing expert practitioner advice from the initial stage of the project;

2.  Setting clear objectives and a detailed scope of works;

3. Supplying and deploying crucial resources where and when required;

4. Using a structured process for managing risks;

5. Setting up detailed budget control mechanisms;

6. Management of communication channels and supply chain relationships;

7. Delivering the projects in accordance with the agreed scope of work, cost and  completion time as originally intended;

8. Performance measurement through key performance indicators.


HEATS Adding Value to its Customers


It is true that many businesses cannot always provide the focus and time to deliver projects effectively, by finding and applying the right expertise at the appropriate stage of a project and as a result, incur additional costs due poor project concept definition, planning, procurement and implementation.

HEATS team possesses the capabilities for supporting its clients by way of:

1. The HEATS team has a passion for adding value to its client’s business.

2. We understand that each project can be a unique endeavour that may require a bespoke and tailored approach for its implementation in accordance with the client’s project brief and business aspirations.

3. We take pride in the quality of our work, our attention to detail and our ability to deliver the right solutions for our clients.

4. Our reputation draws on the quality of our deliverables and the corresponding satisfaction of our clients .

5. The utilisation of our project management support techniques provides for the better initial planning and assessment of risks.


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