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Oman is poised to take the centre stage as the centre of excellence for aquaculture in the Middle East by leveraging the best aquaculture practices for building solid foundations for the newly born industry by way of delivering pilot projects and offering products and services including the critical  education and training and consulting services for the benefit of  Omani people and further expansion into the regional markets. HEATS has achieved one of its aims to becoming a supplier of aquaculture equipment to Oman Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and has established working relationship  with reputable specialist companies worldwide who have the proven track record in aquaculture sector and are willing to collaborate with HEATS in the burgeoning aquaculture sector in Oman.

HEATS aim is to provide step by step support to both Oman Ministry of

Agriculture and Fisheries as well as the investors as they embark on their

journey of implementing their aims and objectives for achieving theirgoals. HEATS is fully conversant with the full life cycle from the initial registration to supervision and quality control of fish farming projects.

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