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Harbour Engineering & Aquaculture & Trading Services (HEATS) has been established in order to serve the growing aquaculture sector in the Sultanate of Oman and the wider region.

We firmly believe that Oman has the highest potential for playing a premier role in the Middle East Aquaculture Industry as well as developing a leading edge in the associated research and development of aquaculture and fisheries due to its unique and strategically located coastline extending from the Gulf of Oman to the Indian Ocean...............


“We are focused on the implementation of marine and aquaculture projects utilizing the necessary project management and deployment services required by both Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries (MAF) as well as the Investors who shall be  participating in this sector.

We have reached agreement with TEEJAN Group, who are our Civil partners in Oman and one of the most prominent Excellent Grade Construction Groups in Oman.

We have agreement and are supported...........


construction of Suwaiq Fishery Harbour

in Al Batinah Region of Sultanate of Oman

Salient Features of the Work:

  • Construction of two land connected breakwaters forming the eastern and western sides of the harbour.

  • Construction of quay walls by precast concrete blocks and cast-in-situ capping beam including fixing of fenders, bollards, ladders and associated metalworks.

  • Dredging up to -5.0m CD to create............... 

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